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Scope of work

  • Logo
  • Master Claims
  • Dedicated branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Website administration

About project

Sabat Consulting is a company offering professional consulting and training services in the field of data protection. As part of the project, an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and the company’s environment was carried out in order to develop a communication key that is not only modern, but above all, builds customer trust.

Core elements

The colors used in the project are the result of the analysis and research of the competition market. Due to the legal nature, the dominant colors here are in shades of legal green and cream beige, broken with „broken” black. The typography was based on leads in a serif typeface, supported by a modern sans-serif font, maintaining the legibility of the paragraph style.







The Sabat Consulting logotype consists of a game of associations between the first letters of the company’s name and the sign of the paragraph, which in the case of the Sabat Consulting company has many meanings.

Dedicated branding

The visual identification for the auxiliary elements, both network and print, has been designed taking into account the whole concept of the communication key and is characterized by simplicity and elegance that inspires trust and indicates the company’s extensive experience.


The website was made in WordPress technology. It relates directly to the communication key and constitutes a knowledge base on the currently offered training courses and is the main communication area between the company and the client.

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